Toni Carter

An award-winning author by 28, Toni has entered the latter years of her twenties ready for more.

Winning for Best Fiction at the 2018 African American Literary Award show, Toni has found her rhythm in the pen by lacing her words with poetry and painting the page with such vivid imagery, you’d swear you were experiencing it first hand.

Born and raised in Monroe, LA, Toni continues her community service duties when she can with her sorority, advocating for Multiple Sclerosis awareness since being diagnosed in 2014, and personifying the notion that HBCU’s are more than D9 organizations, halftime shows, and homecomings.

Toni loves a good documentary or docu-series on female serial killers, kidnappings, black musicians from the ’50s and ’60s, and sports. Wine and Crown Apple are essential to both her everyday life and her writing process, and she will double text you if you don’t answer in a timely manner.

“Writing about love, life, failure, deception, and sex are all cathartic for me. I’ve spent a lot of years holding in my emotions for reasons I’m too scared to address at the present. So, for the time being, I express them in ‘not so’ fictitious characters…in the hopes that one day, the person I’m writing about or writing to will read them. It’s like throwing glitter in the air; you don’t know where it will land, but you know that it will touch some of everything and stick.” -Author Toni Carter

You can follow her on Facebook at Toni Carter, & Instagram @darks_fantasy,

She dedicates Blood, Lust, & Love to the 2009 fall freshman class of Dear Mother.