Cheryl Lacey Donovan

Servant Leader to women. Causing shifts and empowering the powerless with education and inspiration for every mind, soul, and voice. Cheryl causes others to go high even if she has to drag them out of the darkness to the light because she knows each day is a journey of resilience over resistance. Cheryl gives words to those who have none transforming them as they seek to be free, becoming the change they wish to see. Relatable, approachable, inclusive – Cheryl Lacey Donovan.

Cheryl has been a motivational speaker to over 50,000. Cheryl’s strength is her ability to identify, understand and relate to her target audience.

Cheryl draws on her experience and passion as an educator to motivate and encourage others to live their lives on purpose. After more than 20 years of educating and advising allied health care professionals Cheryl followed her passion for bringing out the best in other people by choosing to be more involved in the vision and direction their lives were taking. This culminated in the launch of Worth More than Rubies a division or Cheryl Lacey Donovan International. Since then Cheryl has spoken to hundreds of groups across the country and written articles as well as Bible study curricula. Cheryl is uniquely positioned to impact the lives of individuals she comes in contact with for long term success with her message of faith and powerful vision of bringing purpose into the people equation to promote happier, healthier more meaningful life experiences. Cheryl presents a powerful message with a conversational style that’s just like sitting around chatting with one of your sisters – one who is filled with pearls of wisdom and whose heart is filled with giving. Some of us long for that kind of sister or friend who will just sit you down, tell you the truth about life, share her experiences, and then give you access to a greater more meaningful purpose in life. You will want to sip a warm cup of your favorite drink, bring a note pad and enjoy a candid and educational presentation with Cheryl Lacey Donovan.