October 2020

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There is Nothing More Beautiful than Knowing Your Worth by Elissa Gabrielle

THERE’S NOTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN KNOWING YOUR WORTH…but if you’re not on a journey to become completely whole, you may not recognize it.

Here’s the thing. People’s opinions of you, whether good, bad or indifferent must not outweigh the opinion and belief you have in yourself.

Growth hurts but also the regret of remaining the same. You want to surround yourself with people that upon learning of your story’s worst chapter, (we all have a chapter we don’t want read aloud) they won’t hold you hostage because of it. The people to keep around are the ones that will challenge you to be your best self – it will hurt, as evolution is never smooth. They will identify their brokenness and assure you that you can be put back together just like they were, even if you are shattered in a million pieces.

Stay clear of those who want you to serve a life sentence based on past failures and always remember, fall down twenty times, rise twenty-one. People that want to tie a noose around your neck are manipulators and usually lack so much in their own personal character that they wind up feeding off your glory. Shed the shame and release those burdens.

YOUR GLORY… How can you be broken and still have it? The detractors will identify something in you oftentimes way before you even recognize it. They will despise you on a level you didn’t even know you were on.

Your initial instinct is always correct – that’s your Spirit of discernment guiding you. Obey it.

You are stronger than your storms, more beautiful than you realize, smarter than you’ve been told and most importantly, you deserve all of the goodness and abundance of blessings waiting for you to take hold of it.

Fearfully and wonderfully made you are and to deem yourself anything less than would be blasphemy.
Don’t be afraid to live your best life.

Love & Light
Elissa Gabrielle

Do You Have a Garden? by Elissa Gabrielle

ElissaGabrielleBlackHeadShotBrickDO YOU HAVE A GARDEN?

The purpose of a garden is to plant, cultivate and nurture whatever it is that you are trying to grow so that in time you will be able to enjoy a harvest.

Put yourself on the list, Beloveds. I want you all to create a garden. And if you have a garden, encourage someone to create their very own. No one has to know about your garden. Your garden will be one or multiple things in your life that you want to fulfill. It can be your Secret Garden. A secret garden where there will be no vultures or snakes or anything that can attack it, because it belongs to you and you will keep quiet about the Harvest you are praying for and working to build. A garden where you plant your ideas, hopes, dreams for your future. Not only will you plant those hopes and dreams, you will tend to those goals daily in your garden.

Whether the goal is to be on a journey to become completely whole by way of spirit, soul and body, or to increase your finances, your education or to pursue one of your life’s purposes, you must do so by stepping outside of your comfort zone and stepping into your very own garden.

Get to planting, Beloveds.

I Love you to Life.

Always and in All Ways,
Elissa Gabrielle


Elissa Gabrielle is the USA Today recommended author of Eye of the Beholder and President & CEO, Peace In The Storm Publishing, LLC, Imprints: After the Storm Publishing, Imani Faith Publishing, THE IMPRINT, Jessica A. Robinson Presents


PRESIDENT/PUBLISHER, Real Life Real Faith Media

Magazines: Real Life Real Faith, Journey to Wellness, Mommy Matters, Men of Faith, Women Walking by Faith, Wisdom for Everyday Life

Producer: “Real Life Real Faith with Cheryl Lacey Donovan”

Heart Conditions

Sheriblkjacket     Who have you entrusted to handle your heart and the things that mean the most to you? Many women have been mislead by those who have pretended to care about their most intimate thoughts and dreams only to experience the sting of betrayal in return. The most costly and devastating investment that we can make is to place our hearts into calloused hands.

Perhaps you have experienced the pain of being broken-hearted. Instead of retreating and refusing to love or to trust again, I encourage you to pour your heart out to God about the things that matter the most to you. I guarantee you that He will not mishandle or abuse you. He will not use you for His pleasure and then cast you away. You are too precious in His eyes and He loves you too  much.

Remember this:

Proverbs 4:23
Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.


Sheri Curvin

“Heart of a Woman”
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The Rebirth of Peace In The Storm Publishing (New Dawn, New Life, New Vision)

ElissaGabrielleBlackHeadShotBrickPeace Loyal Readers:

“I walk by faith and look for things yet to come. My soul and my spirit in you my lord I trust. Held up by the knowledge that you, you are just. I know that you care and will always be there. Dear Spirit, watch over me, Teacher and my comfort be. My spirit, My Lord set free, as I draw close to thee. Be with me in darkest night. Shield me from evil’s might. Remove from my side the thorn. Be my Peace In the Storm.”

Those are the words to “Peace In The Storm” a song my father, Jazz Musician, Joe Thomas, wrote when I was eight years old. I remember him playing the melody on the piano at our home in Newark, New Jersey. I also remember reading the words and it was then that I realized the power of words and I began to write. I’ve been writing ever since.

I had to go to these words and lean on them a couple years ago when my beautiful mother died. She died. The thought of it still makes me numb. The fact that I have to say, “My Mother is dead,” destroys me. She died. My mother is dead. And, when she died, I died. I kept dying. Each day, a part of my soul seemed to die. My spirit suffered a long and painful death because the woman who birthed me, who was my breath taker when I could not breathe on my own was gone. My lifeline disappeared and the journey to her disappearance, that awful cancer, changed me in a way that’s hard to explain. One thing is for sure, I am forever changed.

I died the day my mother did.

I slept for eighteen hours a day sometimes. There were times I didn’t sleep at all. Grief overwhelmed me internally. For the better part of six months I was on auto-pilot.

I didn’t miss a beat with life it seems. I functioned, and only by the grace of God did I function.

Then, one day, I was awakened. Fresh air was blown into my lungs. I became alive again. I looked at my legs and my pretty feet. I stared in the mirror and saw the shape of my eyes. The pout in my lips. The color of my skin. I thought about my generous spirit. My gifting soul. I was reminded of my kind and gentle nature. I, too, was reminded of my feisty mouth. I took my hair out of my signature scarf. I combed and brushed my hair. I washed it. I remembered the way I walk, tall, straight, with confidence.

My spirit was awakened. I was reborn. The rebirth of my soul was happening and I whispered the words, “She lives, because I live.” She lives because I have her feet. She lives because her generous, giving, gifting soul lives in me. She lives because of that feisty mouth she passed down to me.

I live. I can live. Because she lived.

Isn’t it something how God works in our lives? The rebirth of my soul and spirit is in alignment with the Rebirth of Peace In The Storm Publishing.

It’s a NEW DAWN with NEW LIFE here at Peace In The Storm Publishing. New faces, new imprints, new vision. Sharel E. Gordon-Love continues to be our rock and our substance. She pushes us all to new heights, even when we run out of gas. And when she speaks, we all listen. The Holy Spirit is so very present in here that it permeates through us all. Jessica A. Robinson continues to develop new blueprints and road maps to help us reach the Promised Land. Jessica has been a steadfast source of encouragement for me and loves me in ways that most people don’t. Cheryl Lacey Donovan stretches us all beyond our limits and teaches us that we are indeed limitless. And that hurricane, Zach Tate assures me every day of the week that I am worthy. He sees the best in me even when I can’t see it in myself. These are the new publishers that have helped me to expand the brand and they are worthy to be acknowledged for staying by my side when the rest of the world walked out. But out of tragedy was born something glorious – After the Storm Publishing, The Official Imprint, Imani Faith Publishing, Jessica A. Robinson Presents and a new Peace In The Storm Publishing. We now have Elissa Gabrielle Entertainment and Real Life Real Faith Media. No surprise God orchestrated this so many years ago.

With newcomers Cee Cee H. Caldwell-Miller who is such a beautiful breath of fresh air, Toni Carter who writes like a veteran, Linda D. Wattley who is profound in every sense of the word, H.M. Trey, Jacqueline D. Moore, Carla Victoria Wallace and the rest of the new visionaries, I feel in my heart and soul that we are evolving and journeying to new chapters; to new heights and are undergoing our own metamorphosis of being born again.

On behalf of the authors of Peace In The Storm Publishing, I welcome you to the “Rebirth of Peace.” And our new homes of publishing some of the best literary talent the world has to offer. Visit us online and you’ll see a culmination of everything that we put our heart and soul into on a daily basis. You’ll see memories of happy times passed and hopes for our literary future.

We love you and we thank you for the support over the years. The absolute best is yet to come.

Remember, even when you’re gone, your soul can still be reborn.

Always and in All Ways,
I remain,

Elissa Gabrielle


Elissa Gabrielle is the USA Today recommended author of Eye of the Beholder and President & CEO, Peace In The Storm Publishing, LLC, Imprints: After the Storm Publishing, Imani Faith Publishing, THE IMPRINT, Jessica A. Robinson Presents


PRESIDENT/PUBLISHER, Real Life Real Faith Media

Magazines: Real Life Real Faith, Journey to Wellness, Mommy Matters, Men of Faith, Women Walking by Faith, Wisdom for Everyday Life

Producer: “Real Life Real Faith with Cheryl Lacey Donovan”