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I’m a Poet by H.M. Trey

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I’m a poet

I’m a poet…I write from my soul, deep down within

Painted pictures of the soul through temporarily opened windows

Emitting a message meant to arouse every one of the senses

Allowing one to see the view of the world from my brown eyes

Vivid imagery from words that part from soulful lips

Full of life allowing one to breathe the same air I breathe

Emotions that erupt as do volcanos from the pores of my being

My pen flows temperamental words placed poetically on canvas

DNA of my soul put on that canvas, leaving imprints of who I am

Allowing one to take a walk in my life, stride for stride in my shoes

The ups coupled with the downs that life seems to deal my way

The pain I’ve seen…oh the pain, and the joy…I see you smiling

A way to envision the reversed flowing of tears of a man

Or the reasons behind the smile that will occasionally grace my face

The weight of the world on shoulders, the weariness of these hands

The dedicated and passion filled heart that may go unnoticed

A better understanding of the man, which is often misunderstood

The plight to be the best father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, or friend

That the Lord up above has intended for me to be, as hard as it may be

The writing provides the introvert with an extroverted expression of self

I’m a poet…I write from my soul, deep down within


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