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Making Amazing Strides...

We are ecstatic over the success of “Manny And The Magic Keys” written by our very own Sherabim Joy. Sherabim publishes with our imprint After The Storm Publishing and is making amazing strides in marketing, her first children’s book and securing placement in several schools throughout New Jersey .  She is currently working on securing her first placement in Brooklyn, NY.  Likewise, “Manny And The Magic Keys” was read to over 300 students across 3 New Jersey schools during the 2021 Read Across America initiative. A copy of the book is also available for check out at The Little Falls, NJ Library.

Manny And The Magic Keys-A Gift From Papa”, book one of the series, focuses on the significant impact that grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren. In book one, Papa pays attention to a special interest that his grandson Manny has, and responds by giving him a special set of keys as a gift. Papa tells Manny that the keys are magical and can make Manny’s wildest dreams come true! From there, a whirlwind of adventure begins!

Sherabim Joy has found success by creating the G.A.B “Gift A Book” program where she has garnered corporate and individual sponsorship to guarantee placement of this wonderful story in the hands of deserving children. To-date 155 book have been sponsored and recipients include students from:

Community Charter School, Paterson, NJ
Early Childhood Center South, Newark, NJ
YMCA Head Start Program, Paterson, NJ

We are pleased to announce that “Manny And The Magic Keys” is available with a curriculum that meets New Jersey Department of Education standards. The curriculum enables children to create their own storybook while developing and sharpening their critical thinking, reading, retelling, spelling, and writing skills.

Manny And The Magic Keys” is appropriate for school-aged children in 1st to 4th grade. In addition to encouraging literacy, children will learn important life lessons that will aid in grooming them into responsible well-balanced members of their community.

Author Sherabim Joy is continuing to seek donors to support the G.A.B program as well as educational institutions who wish to purchase copies of the books along with the curriculum for their schools. If you would like to become a part of this movement, you may connect with Author Sherabim Joy directly at,  log on to WWW.SHERABIMJOY.COM, or call (908-414-0741).

First Lady Jill BIden visits Carla Victoria...

Carla Victoria Wallace recently had the pleasure to meet First Lady Of The United States, Dr. Jill Biden when she visited her second grade classroom in Meriden, CT, accompanied by United States Secretary Of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona.  After discussing her experience with educating children during the COVID-19 pandemic, Carla Victoria Wallace offered signed copies of her books to Dr. Jill Biden, which she graciously accepted.  Her children’s book, “The Bug That Went On The Field Trip”, and the anthology, “No Test, No Testimony: In Times Like These, Looking Back on 2020” are now in the hands of The First Lady.  “No Test, No Testimony: In Times Like These, Looking Back on 2020” features an original poem by Carla Victoria Wallace titled, “Walking History Book”.  Dr. Jill Biden also signed a copy of her children’s book, “Joey” for the second grade students.  It was indeed a historic visit by the First Lady Of The United States to Carla Victoria Wallace’s classroom on March 3rd, 2021, as fellow educators and authors networked together.

In Memorium...

We mourn the loss and celebrate the lives of our Peace In The Storm authors and family: Jessica A. Robinson and Hurley Morgan aka H.M. TreyMay their memories be a blessing.

Hurley Morgan aka H.M. Trey
Jessica A. Robinson