January 2018


One of the most challenging aspects of being a preacher & teacher of the Word of God, as well as an author based on His truths is when He requires you to live out what you preached, taught, or wrote about.  I learned this first hand in 2017.

In chapter 1 of my book, “Heart of a Woman: Motherhood, Marriage, Ministry & Money”, I penned the following phrase “The most important thing you can ever do….is GUARD YOUR HEART!” I also advise my readers to analyze their investment choices in terms of persons, places, and things. “Whew”! I never thought those words would confront me, look me square in the eyes and say “NOW LIVE IT!” Truly, I had to require myself to guard my heart this past year. Had I not been determined to do this the challenges of 2017 would have caused me to lose sight of not only who I am but who God is.

Yes, I suffered some loss in 2017. Yes, I cried more tears then I had planned to.  Yes, I had to have some honest painful conversations with myself and with God. Yes I had to make some tough decisions that I never thought I would have to make.  However, I cannot deny the inexplicable truth, that yes, I also gained a sense of peace, wisdom, focus, strength, maturity and valuable lessons that I can undoubtedly use on my journey to empower others.   Amazing! Only MY God can transform a pitiful plight into a platform to minister to others.

My pastor, Bishop Anthony W. Gilyard, prophesied that 2018 shall be the year of acceleration. Who am I to argue with God? He said it. I receive and expect it. I encourage you to do the same.

Whatever you started on your journey to greatness…pick up where you left off and strive and go forward in faith. I know who I am and I know who God is. I challenge you to remember who you are and to remember who God is as well.

What has God commissioned you to do? Just do it in faith and leave the details and the end results up to God. I guarantee you that you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Empowering you to empower others,

Sherabim J. Allen
author of:  “Heart of a Woman: Motherhood, Marriage, Ministry, and Money” & “Life Won’t  Wait…the Single Christian Woman’s Fight for Focus”

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