August 2016


SheriWhat a comfort it is to know that we do not serve a God who is intimidated by the opinions, predictions, or forecasts of man! Scientists, meteorologists, doctors, and others may provide statistical research that would point to the immanence of a situation’s outcome based on their findings. However, Psalms 62:11 (NLT) states “God has spoken plainly, and I have heard it many times: Power, O God, belongs to you.” God has the final say in ALL THINGS.  He will change the predicted outcome to prove that He alone is in control and that He is the worker of miracles.

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I  had planned to spend the day at the beach relaxing, soaking up the sun, and enjoying each other’s company this past Saturday. However, our plans were almost thwarted by the threat of a pending storm. The forecast, as we drew closer and closer to the day, predicted a cloudy and rainy day. I texted my friend Regina, the trip coordinator, whether or not we were going to still go based on the forecast….In faith, she replied “Yes, that’s the plan.”   She didn’t know that she was operating in faith, which in turn, would birth this insight in me.

As planned, we met and headed to Point Pleasant beach in, NJ. What a wonderful time we had! Not one drop of precipitation escaped the clouds to drench our day! It turned out to be an awesome day to go to the beach. The irony of it all was that there indeed was a storm. However, it occurred in northern, NJ where we lived, but it did not reach our intended destination!  If we would have stayed home because we feared the forecast to be true…we would have missed out on our fun in the sun!  That’s when God started speaking to me!

How many times have we let the forecasts or predictions of life paralyze us with fear from moving forward? We forget that we serve a God that will change the forecast! The forecast may speak death because of the results from the doctor office, or the impossibility of advancement because of a lack of credentials. HOWEVER, God has predetermined our destination! If He has health, wealth, deliverance, prominence, freedom, and/or healthy relationships planned for us…He will CHANGE THE FORECAST, to ensure that we reach His intended destination for our lives.

Don’t be so quick to change your plans because of what you heard in the forecast!  Operate in faith, as my friend Regina did, and move forward under the unction of the Holy Spirit. God has the final say in all things. He is not moved by nature’s roar, or by man’s opinion. He is the God of all power! He will CHANGE THE FORECAST!


Nuggets of Empowerment,

Sheri Curvin

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