November 2015

Heralding the Plight of the Black Man – Why I chose to publish The Soul of a Man 2: Make Me Wanna Holler


I’ve been asked on numerous occasions why the need to herald the plight of the Black man, and why the publishing of two books on the subject. My answer has never wavered, for in my mind it’s mere simplicity to justify whatever means that manifest change in how my Black men are seen in the eyes from those who judge them. It goes deeper than that, though. As a publisher with designs on giving them voices, why not let them speak for themselves? Thus, my intent was to come up with thought-provoking sentiments to enlighten the world why men of color have something to say about revealing the source of their angst. Truth and affirmation are always the best anecdote to elicit wellness and redeeming value. The Soul Of A Man 2: Make Me Wanna Holler captures the essence of real life experiences, applying proven principles to help restore pride, solve problems and overcome challenges.  As an achieving Black woman observing over the years of how lowered standards has affected the men I know…it permeated me across the pantheon of diaspora to see how far or near I could be if I gave a few good authors a platform for accountability. I wanted to make a difference, and I wanted to see differences in how change would affect them. You would want to agree with me when I say that lowered standards affects us all when it comes to how Kingdom men are not being dominion to their families. It shows up negatively at times in our storied culture. Just observe how it has been In the economical downside of women trying to run households without their men just trying to make it. It doesn’t take much more than a cursory glance around our disenfranchised neighborhoods, our churches to discover that men—not all, but many have missed the goal to live to be respected by those who feel that they should be elevated anew. Why wouldn’t I want to see better days for our Black men?

    If you feel that I’m on a mission, well…I am. I feel too, that we have everything going for us but too little coming together. Our men seemed to have been shoved into a race they didn’t choose and whose finish line they can’t picture…it’s like they feel that they are doing the right things at the wrong time; some are doing the wrong things all the time. In this uplifting and riveting collection of stories, readers will find wonderful examples of hope and encouragement as they are touched by the words straight from the depths of their souls about the need to change. Change that got them through difficult times, change that saved family crises, change that mended broken relationships, change that turned their businesses around, change that influenced entire mindsets of people of another persuasion to see them in new prisms of light. THIS is what I wanted you to see and understand. Whether you have read the previous The Soul Of A Man installment that I published, both of these books has such powerful declarations of commitment that will enthrall and inspire you to be better men, and better women understanding your man better. It’s no coincidence that I talk about change.

   To live with change, to optimize change, you need principles that don’t change. I cannot fully describe the respect and reverence I have for every author who has contributed a story in this volume for their willingness to share their inward struggles. I want you to be able to see that all of them are rich human beings  who should be respected for what they represent, and what they are trying to accomplish. This book may not change the world, but I’m hoping it will change YOU. I would like for you to see a picture hanging on the wall straight, with a new vantage point with keen insight in what lies in the hearts of souls of real men! Their stories are splendid illustrations of profound change. I feel humbled by their humanity and deeply grateful for them sharing. Peace In the Storm Publishing has always given the reading public excellent choices to enhance their page-turning delight. This effort is within the same realm.

Christmas 2015, the world will hear their voices loud and clear.

Always and in All Ways,

I Remain,

Elissa Gabrielle


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