Not of this World by Jessica LeeAnn

Tamar Hall grew up a devout Christian under the wings of her grandmother. She vows at a young age to be nothing like her mother who left her and her sister to run the streets.

All is going well in Tamar’s life. She recently graduated from college and is now working at a prestigious marketing firm making good money. Everything changes in Tamar’s life when she befriends her coworker Sasha.

Sasha shows Tamar how to use her beauty to get what she wants in the corporate world as well as with men. Tamar’s family quickly realizes the change in her and becomes concerned. Her grandmother wants nothing to do with Tamar because she’s reminded of when her own daughter took the same route as she was watching her granddaughter take.

Tamar isn’t concerned with what her family or anyone else has to say. That is until she compromises her most prized possession. Has Tamar strayed too far away from God to receive His mercy? Take the journey with Tamar as she experiences life outside of the church.

Now available in paperback and ebook