LT Ladino Bryson

LT Ladino Bryson is a former record executive spending over 20 years in the industry serving in marketing, promotions, and artist development roles for record companies such as Jive, Arista, Columbia, and Sony Music. She has helped with the success of artist projects such as Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Usher, Notorious B.I.G., Monica, OutKast, and Wu Tang Clan, to name a few.

Initially, writing was a creative outlet for LT as the very busy executive. In October 2005 with the initial the release of To And Fro: Kelsey’s Journey (the first in a series), LT was able to pour the heartbreak of her divorce onto the pages. To And Fro reflects the concepts from her personal thoughts, spiritual journey, and her experience as a Bible and Shabbat schoolteacher into a story of one trying to move forward as the rest of the world remained the same. 

In To And Fro, main character Kelsey encapsulates the totality of a woman in the midst of coping with life’s trials and has a spiritual awakening. For those who know LT, many would believe that she and Kelsey are the same person – to that LT simply states, “I believe there is a little Kelsey in all of us.”  Four years from its original release date and after re-reading her own work, LT felt Kelsey’s story had not ended and began writing again as a creative release while battling the trials of being a single mother. LT continued her thoughts in the second installment, Wisdom Has Built Her House which was released in 2010. Yet, with over a decade passing, LT is looking forward to completing the trilogy with Bring Me My David which will explore Kelsey’s quest to find true happiness and appreciating the woman she has grown to become. She is pleased to join the RENEWING YOUR MIND INK /PEACE IN THE STORM PUBLISHING family for the release of the To And Fro Trilogy.

Today, LT is also affectionately known as The Employment Therapist™ and is a sought-after career expert having placed over 600 candidates in less than five years and counseled thousands. LT is a recognized human capital and recruiting expert has been published in Family Circle, and blogs She has been seen on The Today Show, CNBC, and over 250+ television affiliates for networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC news stations during the pandemic offering employment advice.

Her journey of transitioning from entertainment executive to recruiting executive has been the inspiration behind Combining her “Slumdog Millionaire” experience, LT devised a career platform that allows candidates to take control of the hiring process by removing the job hunt aspect and streamlining the multiple application submission process. was conceived in March 2017 and has been recognized as one of the Top Tech Startups in Tempe for 2020 and 2021 by The Tech Tribune and one of the Top 20 Tech Startups in Metro Phoenix area.

LT is the mother of two sons, Caleb and Marcus, and lives with her husband, Alex, and their three dogs, Whiskey, Diva, and Belvedere in West Tennessee.