Love Connection by Carla Victoria Wallace

Can you find love on the internet? Friends Tonya McKnight and Sasha Jones never thought they would be asking themselves that question. Both have always seen online dating as risky, or even dangerous. After years of being single, they are ready to throw caution to the wind and explore their options.

Jarek Smith, a dentist is recovering from a terrible tragedy involving one of his family members. For two years now, his dental practice has been a distraction from his past. With work consuming his time, Jarek hasn’t been interested in finding a woman. When he signs up for social networking on the internet, suddenly things begin to change.

Jarek starts evolving into a man on an internet mission. Tonya and Sasha find themselves wondering if love connections can really be made online. As relationships start developing, secrets are revealed and true colors start to show. Will these internet matches survive, or will they be let go?

Now available in paperback and ebook