God’s Fallible Man by Pastor Andre Jones

God’s Fallible Man: A Memoir of a Husband, Father, Son and, Brother by Past Andre’ Jones

The trauma of abuse is not a one-way street, it has an effect on both the abuser and the victim often with a lifetime of suffering. Addressing these issues and any underlying causes, dealing with them and allowing God to take you through to victory is shared through the words of Author and Pastor Andrè “AJ” Jones’s “God’s Fallible Man: A Memoir of a Husband, Son, Father, and Brother.”

Pastor Jones shares the root of his issues with abuse and how it was the deciding factor in choices he made and the behavior he exhibited. Unfortunately there were friends and loved ones who experienced what only he knew to do through the experiences he had as a child.

However, God has a way of getting His man! Doing what it takes through the God he shared with others, Pastor Jones found that he needed Him to help him come to terms with the abuse that not only he suffered, but for those who suffered abuse due to his actions.

God’s Fallible Man: A Memoir of a Husband, Son, Father, and Brother is a two-edged sword of deliverance for men, women, boys and girls seeking to be free from the only source that heals completely. Perspectives and lives will be changed, and the healing can begin when we realize that an infallible God is available to help us triumph in every area of our lives.

Now available in paperback and ebook