Chastity Sonier

Who is Chastity Sonier?

I am a native Houstonian who loves living life to the fullest. I appreciate the air that God gives me each day I open my eyes. If there are three words that describe me it would be loyal, tenacious, and God-fearing. I love bringing out the BOSS that is within a person as well as embracing and igniting a fire that helps them to excel in their area of expertise. I love to see people smile and exude positive energy in their environments.

I have seventeen years experience in the insurance industry; ten years as a Senior Underwriter and seven years as a Broker. I am the Co-Owner of RBC Consulting Firm, LLC dba Sapphire Services. I am the Vice President of Operations for The RestoreHER Movement, and I am the Founder and President of Sisters in Christ. I am also a loving wife and mother to a husband I love and a daughter I adore.

But, this is only a snapshot of me. A bio cannot paint the picture of my true essence, but once I emerge, then you will see. I am Chastity Sonier.