A Mother’s Love (Collaboration)

A Mother’s Love is the one precious commodity that is intangible yet can be touched and felt in our spirits from heart to heart and breast to breast. It is the love that, if we have had the privilege to experience it in our lives, will cherish forever.

Contrary to popular belief, the saying that we only get one mother is not really the truth. Maybe a biological one, but mother is not a title that a woman wears because she has given birth to her own children. We find her in our grandmothers, aunties, cousins, and other women who may not be related, but has had a hand in the men and women we are or are becoming.

In A Mother’s Love: Sharing Our Stories, we share the joys, the highs, the lows, the sacrifices, and most importantly, the unconditional love of the mothers in our lives with the world.

Available in paperback and ebook