Tammi L. Jackson

Author Tammi L. Jackson has been writing and performing in poetry venues for over two decades.  After taking a hiatus, she’s emotionally stronger and better than ever, with a new release that breathes life into very real and intense characters that depict faith, love, and forgiveness.

Ask this gifted South Carolina native what inspired her to write He Preyed, and she’ll passionately say “… because this topic is not being talked about enough. The media illuminates politicians, directors, and actors abusing their position and forcing themselves on the unsuspecting, but it’s not isolated to Hollywood and the White House; it’s happening in the sanctuaries as well, and some are leaving the church more broken than when they came.”

Tammi, who resides in the Maryland area, is currently working on several projects including her junior novel. When she’s not writing, she enjoys family, faith, and the outdoors.