October 2020

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“Who Lied to You?”



“Be strong and courageous, for you are the one who will lead all these people to possess all the land that I swore to their ancestors I would give them.” Joshua 1:6 (NLT)



Conducting ourselves as godly women 24 hours day for 7 days a week can be challenging. The circumstances, responsibilities and experiences in our lives can slowly cause our courage and confidence to dissipate and in turn tempt us to bury our dreams and our visions for our lives. We may even go as far as talking ourselves into believing, “well, I guess it’s not meant to be”, and we settle for the status quo.

My question to you is, “Who lied to you and told you that it wasn’t meant to be?” “Who corrupted your thinking into believing that you were not strong, smart, wealthy, or attractive enough to accomplish the dreams ,the goals, and the visions that are in your heart? “ It wasn’t God, because He is the one that embedded them into your heart! Sometimes “life happens,” and we experience tragedies, set-backs, hurts, and disappointments that will attempt to eat away at our faith, leaving us afraid to try anything else. Yet, in the midst of our struggle to move forward, we continue to feel the tug of God at our heart to go out and to conquer and to possess everything that He promised that He would give to us.

God is not like people. He does not hold our mistakes against us. As a matter fact, He will use the “craziness” of our lives as an opportunity to make His name great. God is not asking us to be perfect, but He is requiring us to stop holding ourselves in bondage because of our past. He wants us to be courageous in Him and to move forward.

Take it from a professional “screw up.” Don’t give up on yourself because God has not given up on you! That’s why you keep feeling the press in your heart to purse regardless of your past. Don’t’ be afraid. Be courageous! God is with you MORE than 100%.

You are not weak. You are strong in the Lord. You are not a coward, but you are a courageous warrior in Jesus name. Just do it…whatever God has placed in your heart and you will experience great success.
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Forward March by Elissa Gabrielle



Forward March…

A New Year has arrived and with the blessing comes the responsibility to live life to the fullest.

To all the dreamers and the people on the voyage to fulfilling your dreams, make no mistake about it: it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life…and a new chance to get it right. We’ve been given the blessing; now it’s time to put purposeful action behind the resolutions.

Every journey begins with a line drawn in the sand; a starting point along a road to a better place; but coupled with that starting point has to be the courage to put one foot in front of the other toward a goal of victorious accomplishment. Whatever your destination – big or small – it all starts with one step forward, and then another, and then another. It’s a new year, Dreamers…and a new chance for a FORWARD MARCH.

Although I am nowhere near where I want to be in my literary career, the starting line is far behind me. It is in the shadows of my progress of marching forward. Forward progress can be hard sometimes. I understand the difficulty that comes when you try to pursue your passion and purpose while the world is telling you No and expecting you to fall and fail. When the world trips you, consider it a speed bump instead of a stop sign; don’t give up; instead, FORWARD MARCH.

It is a beautiful thing to HONOR how far you’ve come in the first place. Our lives were magnificently designed to be testimonies of encouragement to others. For that reason, I have been sharing photos of my personal journey. I may never know who may benefit from viewing my voyage, but I know someone needs to see and understand that impossible circumstances can result in possible miracles. What seems impossible in life can bring about outstanding possibilities. Through the word IMPOSSIBLE we should grab hold on to the truth that I AM POSSIBLE.

If you can give thanks for the little things, you will always find that you have enough. And if you’re blessed enough to surpass that, you’ll always be grateful. But you can’t give up.

My Dreamers, don’t give up; even when you’re tired, don’t give up. The world is full of abundance and there is a place for you at the table of victory. All you have to do is take a step forward, then another; never giving up in the process. It’s a new year and a new chance to get it right. Forward march.

I love you to life.

Always and in All Ways,

I remain,
Elissa Gabrielle


Elissa Gabrielle is the USA TODAY Recommended Author of EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. Read full recommendation here:

“The beauty of Gabrielle’s voice is the deep emotional cadence as we enter each character’s point of view. In those special worlds, she writes with the talent to keep you immersed so that you can understand and empathize with their motivations and the conflicts that may overwhelm. Skillful and full of artistry, Gabrielle shares a powerful romance worthy of its resolution.”

~Michelle Monkou for USA TODAY

Affirmations To Keep You Driven And Motivated

cldMotivation is perhaps the most important ingredient in achieving personal success. It fires up the action necessary to reach a certain goal. Without it, you may start with a bang but end in a whimper.

Motivational affirmations will provide you with the strength and inspiration you need to complete any task you might undertake. This list of self-suggestions and affirming statements will serve as the fuel for the action you need to achieve whatever you desire in life. If you repeat them regularly, you will constantly feel the urge to do the tasks at hand without any prompting.

“As long as my intentions are clear, the universe cooperates with me and allows me to accomplish anything I want.”

“I only think of positive things so I expect positive changes to happen in my life.”

“I am a determined go-getter and I will not stop at anything as I try reaching my life goals.”

“Success is in my blood so I always emerge successful in everything I do.”

“Motivation comes to me easily so I can inspire others as well.”

“The doors towards great opportunities are always open. I have the power to take advantage of them without fail.”

“I enjoy big challenges. I win over them by taking them head on.”

“I am my own best friend. I am own motivator.”

“The only option I have is success. I forge ahead and succeed in all my endeavors.”

“My goals are my motivation. I see nothing but them until I finally reach them one by one.”

“I know my worth. I deserve abundance and success so I expect to get it.” “I get better and better every day.”

“I have unlimited energy, creativity, and inspiration.”

“I feel motivated as I move forward to the direction of my biggest dreams.”

“I attract people who keep me motivated and help me reach all my goals.”

“My life is full of motivation and purpose. I have unlimited energy so I easily feel motivated.”

As with other forms of self-suggestion, motivational affirmations are also very easy to prepare. All you need to do is think about the task at hand while replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones. Once you have come up with affirming statements, you can easily keep yourself motivated as you walk towards the direction of your lifelong goals. Just remember to recite them daily so that you can constantly fuel your personal motivation with great ease.


Cheryl Lacey Donovan is the award winning author of several books with Peace in the Storm Publishing. To contact her you may reach out to peace in the storm publishing or email her at cherylspeaks@gmail.comcld