September 2018

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“Lessons From the Bamboo”

Hi All!

It’s been a few months since I posted a blog, but I wanted to stop in and offer some words of encouragement. It always amazes me how God uses the most simplistic occurrences to speak to us & give us insight.

At the start of the Spring/Summer season I noticed small bamboo shoots sprouting up in my front and back yard but I did not give them much attention. I’ve been at my current residence for almost 5 years & I don’t recall seeing them before. 

Anyway, one day I was in my kitchen and    as I passed the window I was amazed to see a bamboo shoot taller than my 5’8 frame towering in my backyard. Intrigued, my son and I went to investigate it.

I was perplexed regarding the suddenness of these bamboo shoots sprouting up after never seeing them before. I shrugged it off and attempted to pull the shoot out of the ground so I could cut the grass. My son tried to help me, but it was rooted so deeply the strength of my son & myself was not enough. That’s when God  started speaking to me and giving me answers to some questions I had put on the altar months ago.

The disillusionment & heartbreak from failed relationships is real. Sometimes we even resort to blaming ourselves when business, personal, familial or spiritual partnerships sour. The truth is it’s not our fault. 

The individual who caused us pain already had something negative deeply rooted in them before they ever met us; they just kept it buried and hidden.

from our sight. However, just like the bamboo shoots, when the right time & the right season set in the “real them” manifested. 

We must understand that no matter how hard we try, we cannot change a person that has deep rooted seeds of resentment, bitterness, anger, hatred, rebellion, discontentment, disobedient & emotional disease rooted in their spirit. If they are not willing to line up with the Word of God all we will accomplish is to temporarily trim weeds & branches off of them. However, the root will still be there & will sprout up again at the right time.

Don’t beat yourself up that you didn’t “see it earlier.” That junk was buried and hidden. However, thank God that he didn’t allow you to stay blind but allowed the truth to be revealed so that you could be healed and move on.

It’s not your fault. Thank God that we serve a God of revelation. Learn from the experience & pray daily that God will bring all hidden things to light.


Sherabim Joy