June 2016

Do You Have a Garden? by Elissa Gabrielle

ElissaGabrielleBlackHeadShotBrickDO YOU HAVE A GARDEN?

The purpose of a garden is to plant, cultivate and nurture whatever it is that you are trying to grow so that in time you will be able to enjoy a harvest.

Put yourself on the list, Beloveds. I want you all to create a garden. And if you have a garden, encourage someone to create their very own. No one has to know about your garden. Your garden will be one or multiple things in your life that you want to fulfill. It can be your Secret Garden. A secret garden where there will be no vultures or snakes or anything that can attack it, because it belongs to you and you will keep quiet about the Harvest you are praying for and working to build. A garden where you plant your ideas, hopes, dreams for your future. Not only will you plant those hopes and dreams, you will tend to those goals daily in your garden.

Whether the goal is to be on a journey to become completely whole by way of spirit, soul and body, or to increase your finances, your education or to pursue one of your life’s purposes, you must do so by stepping outside of your comfort zone and stepping into your very own garden.

Get to planting, Beloveds.

I Love you to Life.

Always and in All Ways,
Elissa Gabrielle


Elissa Gabrielle is the USA Today recommended author of Eye of the Beholder and President & CEO, Peace In The Storm Publishing, LLC, Imprints: After the Storm Publishing, Imani Faith Publishing, THE IMPRINT, Jessica A. Robinson Presents


PRESIDENT/PUBLISHER, Real Life Real Faith Media

Magazines: Real Life Real Faith, Journey to Wellness, Mommy Matters, Men of Faith, Women Walking by Faith, Wisdom for Everyday Life

Producer: “Real Life Real Faith with Cheryl Lacey Donovan”

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