May 2016

Daily Archives: May 25, 2016

“What’s Your Action Plan??”


Focus Scriptures:

Proverbs 16:30(NLT), Proverbs 20:18(NLT) & Joshua 1:7 (NLT)


Ladies, it is the desire of God for all of the ideas that He has invested in our heart to come to pass. However, it’s not going to happen by osmosis.  If we are going to become successful then we need to develop a plan of action in order for us to achieve our goals. We need a well thought out STRATEGY to help us to successfully navigate through the various seasons of our lives.  God has promised us success if we acknowledge Him and allow Him be the director of our path.


Talk, talk, talk.  That’s all some of us do. We talk about what we need to do, what we know that we are called to do, and what we want to do but we have done absolutely nothing about it! We have not disciplined ourselves to sit down and develop a strategy  that will transform our words into the tangible realm.


In Joshua 1:6-9, God provides a strategy for Joshua that would guarantee him, not just success, but GOOD success:

  1. Be strong & VERY courageous
  2. Carefully OBEY all things outlined in God’s Word
  3. Study the Word of God and MEDITATE on it daily


What does this mean to us today?

  1. STOP being so scared & intimidated by everything and everybody!  I speak from experience of the paralyzing effect of being afraid to launch out into greatness. I was simply scared of failing. However, I’ve learned that if I fail “SO WHAT…GET OVER IT AN SIMPLY TRY AGAIN!”
  2. ACCEPT the fact that you are STRONG AND COURAGEOUS in Jesus name! God has CHOSEN YOU to do what you do. He is too smart to invest in weakling. Since he chose you as his prize investment…embrace your STRENGTH.
  3. Take the time and research what the BIBLE teaches about your specific endeavor! Every topic you can think of can be found in the Word of God from financial planning, mission endeavors, building a home, building a business, being a wife, being a mother, the list goes on and on.
  4. MEDITATE, (ponder) on what the Word of God says about your purpose and let it marinate in your mind and spirit.


If we apply these 3 principles then God will begin to speak to us, connect us to the right people, and show us the steps that we need to take in order to move from being TALKERS to being KINGDOM BUILDERS.


Commit to developing an action plan. Set goals for yourself. Connect with an accountability partner who will push you to accomplish your goals and dreams! Remember, it’s time to get to work.  Time is short. Stop making excuses and JUST DO IT!


Sheri Curvin


Twitter: @shericurvin