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Purple ReignBeloveds,

I can’t tell you the number of times people laughed at me. I can’t tell you the number of times that I didn’t have support even from my family and those who claim to be family. I can’t tell you the number of times that others belittled my dreams. I can tell you that my dreams had become so big that I had to stop sharing them with small-minded people. And I can tell you this…


This goes out to all of the dreamers and the people on the voyage to fulfilling those dreams. Although I am nowhere near where I want to be in my literary career, I am very far from the place I started. I understand how hard it is to pursue you passion and purpose when the world is telling you “No,” in so many ways every chance it gets. Don’t give up.

It is a beautiful thing to HONOR how far you’ve come in the first place which is why I am posting photos of the journey because someone needs to see and understand that impossible circumstances can make possible miracles. Amen?

If you can give thanks for the little things you will always find that you have enough. And, if you’re blessed enough to surpass that, you’ll always be grateful. But you can’t give up.

My Dreamers, don’t give up. Even when you’re tired. Don’t give up. The world is full of abundance. There is a place for you at the table. Never, ever give up.

Love You to Life.
Elissa Gabrielle


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It’s Time to Get to Work!


“So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work”.(Nehemiah 4:6)

Ladies once we have accepted the fact that it is absolutely the will of God for us to accomplish all that He has embedded in our hearts to do, then it is time for us to get to work. Setting goals for ourselves is a wonderful thing to do. However, achieving the goals that we have set for ourselves is a far more satisfying experience.
The difference in setting goals and actually achieving goals are rooted in our state of mind.
Today’s Scripture focus proves that when we shift our mindset to accomplishment, only then will we experience our visions and dreams for our lives manifested into the tangible. In the text, Nehemiah had the mindset to rebuild his beloved city of Judah which had been vandalized and left in ruins. While others were complaining and mourning about what USED to be…Nehemiah envisioned what it COULD be. He developed a strategy to cause his vision to become a reality. His enthusiasm, determination, and hard work were so contagious that it fueled the original complainers to transform into workers in rebuilding the city.
What strategy can we develop to aid us in shifting from being mere goal setters to becoming goal achievers?
1. Set strict written deadlines for ourselves for the things that are in our heart to accomplish. For example, if the goal is to return to school, establish a deadline for submitting the application to the chosen school.

2. Connect with an accountability partner. Find someone who will not tolerate our excuses for NOT accomplishing our goals. Submit copies of our written deadlines to them.

3. Associate with others who have already accomplished what we are attempting to. Their success will motivate us to pursue our own.

4. Seek out a mentor who can provide us with the wisdom and direction that we need to navigate through the challenges that will arise on our journey of accomplishment.

Guess what? Of all the women walking on the planet, God chose to put HIS idea and creativity into YOUR heart. Let’s not insult Him by not doing anything about it. Let’s stop making excuses and “JUST DO IT!” It’s time to get to work!

Look for my upcoming release, “Heart of a Woman” coming soon!

Sheri Curvin