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An Angel Walked Among Us by Elissa Gabrielle

Prince. "An Angel Walked Among Us" by Elissa Gabrielle


Prince was the epitome of grace. A fashion icon. An innovator. A Genius.  We will never see another artist of his ability in this lifetime. He was unmistakably the most authentic and prolific musician, singer, songwriter and composer of our generation. The nation mourns the death of a king, our Prince.

I liken Prince to an angel. Oftentimes, an angel will walk among us and we are not fully aware of what’s happening at the time. We know there is something glorious about that person, and the word ‘angel’ doesn’t come to mind, necessarily. It is only in hindsight that we can clearly see with 20/20 vision and upon reflection we are able to put the pieces of Prince’s legacy together.

Prince was a meaningful part of our daily lives. His music played a role in the most pivotal and integral chapters of our existence. He liberated us through his liberation. He sang songs with words, real lyrics that depicted how we felt about a particular subject matter and the most crucial times in our daily walk. He was wonderful that way.

Prince was our friend and our freedom.

As I lay in bed, before the dawn, I watched the moon and the stars and reminisced as I heard a Prince song, “When 2 R In Love.” I wondered as I lay there if I could have my Prince’s “Kiss” before I put my toes to the floor. Funny, I heard in my head, Prince singing, “If I Was Your Girlfriend.” I could feel a presence of Prince looming over my being with his lyrics, “I Feel For You.” In the dark. I smiled as I finger combed my early morning wild hair, but that made me think about Prince and his hair, how he slayed, and him singing, “She’s Always In My Hair.”

Prince was in our blood and present in our personal existence. His music was the soundtrack of the various stages of our growth and development. He said the things that we wanted to say but wouldn’t dare whisper.

My internal alarm went off, and I heard Prince singing to me, “Alphabet St.” I thought about all the things I needed to do as his one of a kind voice slow jammed me with, “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man.” My Prince sung to me from the other side of my shower, “Call My Name.” I was running later, and it was the, “Sign ‘O’ the Times,” as I had so much to do. I made my way to my “Little Red Corvette.” Well it was my red SUV.

I adjusted my music to Prince playing alongside my drive. I checked my mirror, and Prince made my heart swoon singing to me, “The Most Beautiful Girl.” It made me feel like a Queen, and I held my head up high as a woman should being next to a Prince. I felt confident, as Prince sang, “Baby I’m a Star.” I felt sure I could do anything that Prince would want me to do as he sang, “Uptown.” I was headed downtown to talk to a client about a screenplay and then “Adore” jammed. I swayed in my seat and remembered falling in love.

We were free to be what we wanted while listening to Prince sing.

I went into a business meeting and I thought about Prince, and after all these decades how he had handled his business dealings, and to some it was “Controversy.” He did his own “Bat dance,” and it made some folks “Delirious,” when he freed himself  from a record company. He started his own publishing company and controlled how he sold his own records and marketed them. What followed for Prince was “Diamonds and Pearls” it made him “Somebody’s Somebody.”

Prince taught us the importance of ownership and what business truly meant. He taught us about respect of self and to honor the gifts God has blessed us all with, in those power moves.

After a long day with Prince in my heart and ear, I relaxed at home, as he kept crooning. I thought about the times the songs he sang were specifically for me and my life and circumstances. He had to have known me personally.

He knew us all so well. He guided us through life with poignant words, profound sentiments and a path to righteousness in most cases. He loved God and wanted us to love God. And we followed his lead and we did.

Prince questioned the government, unapologetically expressed his most inner thoughts, embraced his spirituality, treated his body as a temple, remained private, respected and never got caught up in life’s scandals.

Let us all be like Prince.

At Real Life Real Faith, we often ask “What Will Your Legacy Be?”

If we’re working towards answering that question, we can take a few clues from Prince.

Be Original.

Be Unapologetic.

Stand Firm in Your Convictions.

Be Unlimited.


Rest in Purple, Angel.

Elissa Gabrielle


Purple Reign

Elissa Gabrielle is the USA Today recommended author of Eye of the Beholder and President & CEO, Peace In The Storm Publishing, LLC, Imprints: After the Storm Publishing, Imani Faith Publishing, THE IMPRINT, Jessica A. Robinson Presents


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