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Love Still Wins by Carla Victoria Wallace

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 “Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

             Recently, I was speaking with my aunt about a historical tour she went on in Savannah, Georgia. Part of the tour focused on how the community overcame segregation at that time. African Americans living in Savannah, Georgia overcame the hate of segregation through acts of love that they showed to one another in their community.

One example of this was the support they showed for one another while boycotting the purchase of clothing in stores. The African American community organized a clothing swap to provide clothing for families in need without having to purchase the needed clothing from stores. Families with children would bag outgrown clothing, and bring the bags to an agreed upon location. There they would give their bag to a family with a child or children in need of that sized clothing, and in return they would receive the next size clothing needed to fit their own child or children. This allowed for the successful boycotting of stores during the civil rights movement. The tour guide stated that due to their exceptional organization and support for one another in the African American community, Savannah, Georgia was one of the few cities in the south during that time which did not have racial riots. Then they later became one of the first southern cities to begin integrating their schools.

Fast forward to today. Although we hoped to be free of racial hate crimes, a community in Charleston, South Carolina was struck with a senseless hate crime that could have only been orchestrated by the devil through a white male who allowed himself to be used for evil by opening fire on an African American church. Nine people lost their lives that day, and loved ones were left to try to heal from the hurt that hateful act of violence caused. However, once again love overcame the hate that fueled this crime.

For example, after the shooting, the media reported that a multiracial group of women sang “Amazing Grace” outside of the church on a Saturday afternoon. Congregants met at that same church and worshipped together on a Sunday morning for the first time since the shooting. During that service, they prayed for strength for the grieving families. Video coverage of that Sunday morning service showed white congregants also worshipping with the black congregants together in one accord. Instead of rioting in the streets, the people of Charleston, South Carolina came together as a community and showed what healing through love can do.

Through these events, we can see the power love has over hate. It’s good to know that when hate attacks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream still lives on, and love still wins.

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” ~

1 Peter 4:8

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Chrysalis by Carla Victoria Wallace


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 I’m transforming into the butterfly

who will wrap her wings around you.

First, one,

and then two.

As a caterpillar, I did not yet know

all that I could be

Entering the chrysalis

Would eventually reveal that to me.

The chrysalis is about change

Going from old to new

What was is left behind

What’s born is a new you.

As I emerge as a butterfly

I have beauty as never before

I can fly to new heights

And let my spirit soar.

I have a new ability to love

Give and forgive

Like a butterfly pollinates the flowers

I show this to those with whom I live

To my spouse, my kids,

Father, mother

Sister, brother,

And any other

I show a new love after the Chrysalis.


Carla Victoria Wallace is the author of the forthcoming “The Ultimate Love.”

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