Juanita Beverley-Towns

Juanita Beverley-Towns was born and raised in Plainfield, NJ. Her love for helping and caring for others has always been a huge part of her life since she was a teen. Her love and compassion for helping others is also part of her professional life as a medical technician, having worked in the medical field for over 20 years.

While working in the medical field, Juanita’s care for others was recognized by her employers. She worked for the Plainfield Health Center, and after a few years, Juanita moved on to work as a supervisor for Drug Pharmaceutical Laboratory Company for many years.

In 2014, Juanita was voted the Point of Contact Person for New Jersey for a National/Organization of Networking/Support Group for Women called, “I Am Beautiful.” She was also a member of ETTWomen Organization of New Jersey.

Committed to helping others in her community, Juanita has formed fundraising events for cancer patients, MS patients, and others in need of emergency funds. She has also helped other local organizations by assisting in feeding the homeless, coat drives, back to school events for our children, and more.

Juanita has experienced a failed marriage and a couple of Domestic Violence encounters in her life. Her life’s journey has been built on her hurt and pain, but she managed to push forward and remain resilient to raise her 4 children.

Throughout the years, Juanita has witnessed some of her family and friends go through intimate relationship abuse deciding one day that enough was enough. The pain and violence in her family and generations of abuse had to end! In an effort to amplify her voice, Juanita birthed Caring Hearts to help her family and break the silence of abuse. She made the choice to speak up and become a liaison for Women, Men, and our Youth to speak out against relationship abuse. We all have a right to be safe and loved, and Juanita vowed to never keep quiet about Domestic Violence.

Juanita Beverley-Towns is the CEO and Founder of Caring Hearts by Juanita, LLC. She has been able to go from being an employee to an entrepreneur. Juanita’s mission is to help build and repair families by providing Early Awareness and Prevention to individuals and families before and after abuse, with focus on Domestic Violence Abuse. She is a Striving Survivor of Domestic Violence having overcome betrayal through the power of Forgiveness! Today Juanita is an Overcomer, Wife, Mom, Grandmother, Author, Playwrite, Inspirational Coach, and Speaker inspiring and encouraging Victims and Survivors to STRUT YOUR STRIVE and begin a New You!

Juanita is Living life on her terms through the power of God who is the head of her life. Her hope to be able to work with and help others to see that there is Joy on the other side of forgiveness; you, too, can go from being employed to entrepreneur. It’s time you started thinking like an ENTREPRENEUR!