Deborah Hunter

DEBORAH HUNTER is an energetic, charismatic Mississippi native. The highly-sought after chef, affectionately known as Honey has an amazing following online, both on Facebook and on her YouTube channel that features her show “Cooking With Honey And Friends.”

Deborah hasn’t always been a cook, however, she spent over 30 years setting fashion trends as a cosmetologist. Now, the two worlds collide for beautiful, delicious food.

Deborah Hunter has embarked on one truly amazing journey that’s bringing together people in a fashion that can only be described as great southern hospitality.

After standing in her kitchen in 2011 and saying a simple prayer “LORD PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO COOK,” she’s becoming a living testimony to everyone she meets that faith really does work in the most delicious ways.

In 2012, she became the owner of one of the fastest growing food and entertainment companies in the state, “Cooking With Honey And Friends” which quickly became a local television show featured on Comcast Local98.

She’s also the host of MPB Deep South Dining which airs every Monday morning at 9 AM on 91.3 FM show. This show is all about the phenomenal food and Mississippi’s amazing culture.

She has had the privilege of sitting on a panel at Mississippi’s first ever book festival with four renowned chefs, even though she had not written a cookbook of her own.

But that’s all about to change with the release of her upcoming cookbook for 2018.

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