Brian Ganges

Author and motivational speaker BRIAN GANGES is a native of New Jersey who now resides in Texas. He has been graced with a fresh and relevant word for many of today’s real life issues and concerns. His unique style and perspective, coupled with his light-hearted candor brings the message of hope and overcoming adversity to light, as only he can. His ideas are enlightening and thought provoking, which allows his growing audience to gain timely insights and encouragement from every article, book, radio show and seminar. Mr. Ganges deals with topics from a Christian perspective, such as: principles for daily living, politics, economics, and relationships.

In the summer of 2009, Brian co-authored the African American Literary

Award Show Winning anthology, The Soul of a Man. His two stories in the anthology were very candid and inspirational. One was a non-fiction account of his life illustrating how achieved success in the midst of turmoil. The other story was a fictionalized account of his life that dealt with communal and familial love. Mr. Ganges has toured many parts of the country promoting the anthology and his 2010 solo project Piecing the Puzzle Together.

In 2013, the highly anticipated and controversial, Lord, Deliver me From Church Folks” will open eyes, stir hearts, and get some real life conversations started.

Stay tuned for more anthologies, vblogs, and other future projects from Brian Ganges.