Bishop William T. Cahoon

Bishop William T. Cahoon serves as the Jurisdictional Prelate for the New Garden State Jurisdiction, Church of God in Christ (COGIC) and the “Senior Bishop in service”, state of New Jersey, since 1993. He provides executive direction and leadership to 21 COGIC churches, in four counties; Bergen, Union, Essex and Hunterdon counties. Bishop Cahoon received his Bachelor of Theology and his Masters in Pastoral Excellence from the American Divinity School, Manhattan, NY. Even with the energy he expends in the churches and community, we can all attest to the fact that his family comes first. Bishop Cahoon was happily married for 48 years to the late First Lady R. Carolyn Cahoon. They have 4 children and 11 grandchildren. He engages in a multitude of roles which affect hundreds of lives; an immeasurable giver; husband, father, grandfather, family advocate, counselor, mentor and role model for family, church and community-at-large.

Bishop Cahoon served as a former member of the National Board of Trustees, Church of God in Christ, Inc., Memphis, Tenn., for 28 years. During his tenure, he served as Secretary of this Board for 12 years. Presently, he serves on several national Committee positions, within the Church of God in Christ, including, but not limited to, the Urban Initiative Advisory Council and Executive Board/ International COGIC Board of Bishops and Budget Committee. Bishop Cahoon is the pastor of the House of Prayer, COGIC, Plainfield, NJ and the New Reid Temple, COGIC, East Orange, NJ. His strategic planning gift has brought immeasurable rewards to both of these houses of worship and the surrounding communities;

~  Bishop Cahoon’s family advocacy efforts have translated into many collaborations and initiatives;

~  Founder and CEO of Living Faith Community Development Corporation, in Plainfield, NJ, which established a Technical Institute Computer Literacy Program for children and youth.

~  Founder of Living Faith Media Ministries and Broadcasting, which gives our youth an opportunity to learn and master a wide variety of media skills which are then transferred into community projects. World and/or WKMB, 1070 AM on your dial, Saturday weekly, 9:30 am radio broadcast.

~  Established a Feed the Homeless Train Station Program, in Newark NJ

~  Facilitated a New Reid TempleFood Pantry Program, with eligibility for all NJ residents

~  Promotes and encourages youth participation in church plays and theatre-type presentations. As a result, several youth were accepted into the NJ Performing Art Center School

~  Initiated a City-Wide Community Impact program for the city of Plainfield residents; gospel choirs, sports, health screenings, resource requests, and free food for everyone.

~  Established New Garden State Urban Initiative Coalition which is representative of pastors from Bergen, Union, Essex and Hunterdon counties, to “fill the service gaps”, in our communities

~  Facilitated a Free Saturday Summer Camp, for ages 8 to 18 yrs, in the city of East Orange and surrounding communities and established free tutorial program for students, 6 yrs to 18 yrs of age,

~  Established New Garden State Coordinated Veterans and Community Services organization

Bishop William T. Cahoon’s service to the people is exemplified in his affiliations/memberships with local and state organizations. For example, New Jersey Performing Arts Center Ministers’ Advisory Council, Black Ministers Council of New Jersey; member of Executive Board, Vice-President of Greater Central Jersey Clergy Association, NAACP member, member of  Receiving Economic Advancement Partnerships’ (REAP) Chairmen Circle and formerly served on the Plainfield Ministers’ Advisory Council.

Recently, he received an “Esteemed Honoree” Award from the NJ State NAACP, Plainfield branch and The Outstanding Community Service Award from the Central North Jersey Clergy Association.